Five Things You Should Know About Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are decorative items, and they become part of your house’s indoor charm when placed and combined correctly. Beautification is not their only function. They also serve as protectors, either from dust or sunlight. 

Still, many people don’t know it’s necessary to clean a house’s curtains once in a while. Not only they can accumulate too much dust, but also can become the source of many allergens which may affect your life.

Here are five things you should know about curtain cleaning.

1.  It’s important to clean your curtains regularly.


We already said it is necessary to clean your curtains “once in a while,” but it’s better if you do so regularly.

When you maintain your curtains clean, you are helping them to conserve their beauty, and you keep them free from dust.  

If a curtain has accumulated too much dust, it may cause stains, discolourations, and overall will make the fabric of your curtain unattractive, dirty, and in the long-run, it will weaken it.

Saying “it’s important to clean your curtains regularly” does not mean you must clean them every week or so. Excessively cleaning your curtains will weaken the fabric, and it will be easy to tear it. 

Cleaning them once per month or every two months, for example, should be enough to keep them bright, beautiful and wholly functional.

2. The type of curtain fabric matters


Many people think it’s a good idea to put the curtains on the washing machine as if they were normal pieces of clothing. Please, don’t do that.

Before deciding whether it’s necessary to, for example, do curtain dry cleaning, it’s best to identify the type of curtain fabric you are dealing with to avoid damaging it.

Each type of fabric is different, and therefore, they need to be cleaned using distinct methods.

If you are having doubts about what the best method for cleaning your curtain is, you could try contacting professionals in the matter so they can help you with cleaning and keeping your curtain as beautiful as ever.

3.  Curtain dry cleaning is the best option in most cases.


Although you can machine wash them or opt for curtain steam cleaning (if the type of fabric your curtain is made of can be treated with this method), curtain dry cleaning is the best option for most materials.

Curtain dry cleaning treats the fabric gently and doesn’t leave any messy spots. Since accidents are less likely to happen, you can trust your curtains will be left as good as new every time you clean them.

Opting for cleaning your curtains using dry cleaning methods is the best option to preserve your curtain’s beauty.

4.  Lined curtains must be treated carefully.


If you own lined curtains, you should know they require special attention. They also need to be cleaned with more frequency than most curtain types.

For lined curtains, a washing machine can be mortal. It would be best if you only used curtain dry cleaning for this type of fabric. As it is delicate, it is highly prone to damage, and it’s better to prevent an accident while you can.


5.  There are more cleaning options.


Keeping your curtains’ beautiful appearance can be a challenge, but you can use different methods for that purpose. To reduce the times you clean them, you can use a vacuum to reduce the dust, and brushing them can also help to keep them clean.

If you are not sure of how to clean your curtains, please contact us at Drapes Cleaning. Our team is available 24/7 and will let you know what the best plan for your curtains is.

Curtain Cleaning & Maintenance

Curtains are essential for the look and feel. Rather, they also avoid pollutants from the airflow. So it becomes very necessary to maintain and keep curtains clean. We are also a local service provider for cleaning curtains and blinds. Our experts do provide service using modern techniques.

Offsite Curtain Laundry Dry Cleaning Service

We collect curtains from customers to laundry.  The expert uses modern techniques to wash those curtains. Thereafter, they return it back to customers. Then they also hang curtains back with proper care.

Onsite Curtain and Blinds Cleaning

Offsite service requires more than a day. So professionals visit on Customer’s site and provide onsite service for curtain and blinds. As a result, this service takes a day.

Following wrong cleaning practices for curtains cause permanent damage. So contact us for all kinds of affordable professional services for curtains and blinds cleaning In Perth.

We also provide onsite curtain cleaning service Perth for the same day by professional visiting customer’s location to provide services. They visit along with required essentials and tools.

Never neglect curtain mold cleaning which causes allergies and health issues for patients having respiratory issues. Try to get curtain cleaning service on a timely basis.

Apart from curtain cleaning service, you can also try other services for cleaning carpet Perth, mattresses cleaning Perth, couch cleaning Perth, and water damage service Perth.

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Can contact for inspection of curtains?

Yes sure, as our experts will inspect and recommend the best service for you.

Which service is better offsite or onsite?

Experts do recommend an onsite service for same-day service at customer’s sites. Please contact us for more details about the services.

What are durations we should perform curtain cleaning?

We should perform curtain cleaning on a timely basis. The duration of each method differs so request you to contact us for more details.

Do you provide service to remove bad smell from curtains?

Yes our professionals provide odor removal services using modern technologies.

Do we repair curtains?

Yes after our experts inspect they do repair and re-install curtains.

Do we take care while handling curtains?

Our experienced professionals have the skills to provide service by taking proper care of your curtains.

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