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Onsite Curtain and Blinds Cleaning

We also provide onsite curtain and blinds cleaning as a substitute for offsite service. For same-day service we recommend onsite curtain and blinds cleaning.

About Our Onsite Curtain and Blinds Cleaning Service

Taking of curtains to laundry may not guarantee delivery on the same day. So our professionals do visit on-site with the required essentials. Without removing the curtains and blinds they clean them where they are hanging and also ensure that there is no shrinkage. If there is an urgency to get service on the same day then we recommend this service to our customers.

For Onsite Cleaning Service we do have

  • Instead of pick-up experts visit the house with all tools
  • Removal of curtains with proper care
  • Cleaning and drying of curtains are done on-site
  • Curtains are also repaired if required
  • Use of advanced types of equipment
  • Curtains are hanged back with proper care
  • Service is done on spot in a day
  • We serve 24/7
Curtaing Cleaning Perth

We assure clean curtains

Removal of complete odor and mould

Our service provides customer satisfaction

Contact us and we are always ready to help you


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we provide onsite service in a day?

Yes sure, we provide onsite service in a day with our professionals visiting your site.

Do we fix the cord issue for roman blinds?

Yes, we do repairing and re-installation for all types of curtains and blinds.

How often should we opt for mould cleaning?

We should opt for Mould cleaning within 2 to 3 months but in the case of patients having respiratory issues, it should be on a monthly basis.

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